Bistra Gueorguieva DIMITROVA, D.Sc.

Editor in chief

Bistra DimitrovaCareer as international adviser and supervisor:
Number of Functions
1. United nations Ambassador in “Sport for the social development”;
2. European Expert-evaluator of the General Directorate “Research” in Brussels;
3. Scientific Director of Center for Excellence on Recreative Industry;
4. Governmental adviser of the Vice-Minister of sport and physical education;
5. Supervisor of “The Balkan SPA capital” – 5-th Anniversary event 2013;
6. Supervisor of “The International Water bridge”- UN world campaign certified event;
7. Supervisor of “The international SPA managers Club”;
8. Head of project and coordinator of international projects on education, ecology, culture, R&D;
9. President of the Bulgarian committee “Woman and Science”;
10. Founder&President of the “Global Water Health-Cluster Platform;
11. Scientific Adviser at the Ministry for Youth and sport in Kingdom of Morocco.

Scientific fields:
2017 – 2018 Emotive dynamic, Aquaphotomics, Brain monitoring, Water memory, Water IC;
2016 – 2018 Digital App in education, training and Certification in Recreative Industry, Niche Tourism;
2007 – 2016 SPA&Wellness Tourism, Aqua & Thalasso practices;
2007 – 2016 Med Spa Therapy, Recreology, Aqua Rehabilitation, Crystal therapy;
2008 – 2013 Free Time and quality of Life, Wellbeing technology;
2005 – 2013 Health and social innovations, Health tourism, Primary health care;
2003 – 2007 Theory and Methodology in sport animation and entertainment;
2004 – 2013 Ethics in Science;
2001 – 2003 Human, social, children, women’s rights;
2000 – 2013 Gender equality at the system for higher education and science, training practice for public communication of women scientists;
1999 – 2003 Educational strategies and Europeans harmonization of educational and scientific policy and legacy in Bulgaria and the Kingdom of Morocco;
1999 – 2001 Communication skills and public expression, Gestaltheory and movement analyze.

Editor in Chief – Expert positions:
• Scientific Director of Center for Excellence on “Social innovations, Re-creative human design and Niche tourism – Heritage ‘BG”;
• Full time Professor at national Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”;
• Scientific Director of “Balkan Cluster for Health, Wellness&Spa Tourism”;
• Scientific Director of “Wellness Institute Bulgaria”;
• Expert analyzer of Well-being indexes, strategies, standards and social policies and innovative approaches on “Health Prevention and Social Innovation”;
• Founder & President of World Campaign for the “Global Happiness Day”;
• Certified expert for the “Global Wellness Day”;
• Certified expert of UN World Aging Campaign for the “Global Water Day”;
• Visionary of Strategies for the “Balkan Cluster for Health, Wellness & Spa Tourism”;
• Plenary lecturer of “Health Cluster Montenegro”;
• Plenary lecturer of “Medical Spa Association of Montenegro”;
• Plenary lecturer of “Balkan SPA Summit”;
• Founder & Plenary lecturer of “Wellness Institute of Macedonia”;
• Supervisor of “International SPA Managers Club”;
• Member of the Working Group on the Laws on the Tourism and Acts;
• Member of the working group of the Ministry of Health for regulating the health tourism;
• National Manager of Occupations: SPA Manager, Wellness Manager, Thalasso Managers for the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy;
• External Expert at the Ministry of Education and Science;
• Counselor for European Integration in the Ministry of Youth and Sports;
• Adviser on Education and Science at the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Kingdom of Morocco.

International Management positions:
• Founder & President of Global Water Health Cluster Platform;
• Project Head and coordinator of international and European projects in the field of SPA & Wellness culture, Health prevention and promotion of health practices, standards of wellness lifestyle, youth initiatives and activities, sports, education, ecology, rituals and re-creational practices, nutrition (Wellness Food & Drinks);
• Author and international lecturer of seminars for the needs of the swimming sports federations of: France, Greece, Turkey and the United States;
• Head & Author of the educational programs for Master and Doctor degrees at the National Sports Academy in Sofia – “SPA culture, eastern and aquatic practices”;
• Head & Author of Educational Programs for Master and Doctor Degrees at the National Sports Academy in Sofia – “SPA Culture, Hydrology, Lithology and Thalasso therapies”;
• Coordinator and Author of the Bachelor, Master and Doctor degree programs at the National Sports Academy in Sofia – “Sports animation in tourism”;
• Head & Author of Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degree Programs at the National Sports Academy in Sofia – “Theory and Methodology of Sports Training of Olympic Sport Synchronous Swimming”;

Bistra DimitrovaThe President of Global Water Health (left)
• Prof. Bistra Dimitrova, Doctor of Science, Awarded in September 2014;
• The President of Global Wellness Summit – Susie Ellis (USA).

Certificate and Diplomas for particular contribution:
2016 Intellectual property Certificate for Unique educational model in Wellness & SPA staff education – from High school to Doctoral degree;
2016 Founder of the Alternative Medicine Institute Bulgaria;
2016 Founder of the Balkan Cluster for Health, Wellness and SPA tourism;
2015 Founder of the Wellness Institute Bulgaria;
2015 Global Water Health, Cluster Platform – Founder and President;
2014 Global Wellness Ambassador of the world campaign “Global Wellness Day”;
2013 Expert-evaluator in DG ”Research” of EC- “Health promotion and social innovations”;
2013 A plaque of honor for contribution on 3-th Balkan SPA Summit;
2002 Gold Stamp of CIO for particular contribution at the International Olympic Movement(Certificate);
2001 United Nations in the Palace of Geneva, Department “Sport and Social Development” First place at the International Project Concurs in “ Ecology, Sport and Social Development ” (Certificate);
2000 National Campaign for “More women in the Bulgarian Parliament”;
1998 Royal Swimming Federation of Morocco – for the organization of the world Championship for Master’s (Vice-referee for synchronized swimming) (Certificate);
1998 International Lecturer in swimming and synchronized swimming;
1997 FINA lecturer (International Federation of amateur swimming) in collaboration with the Olympic Committee of Morocco (Casablanca) (Certificate);
1993 FINA judge category “A”;
1991 LEN judge category “A”;
1990 Technical Committee of Synchronized Swimming member of LEN (Ligue Europeenne de Natation- election for 2 mandates = 8 years);
1987 Sportive Confederation in Sofia-city : with bronze medal;
1986 International Olympic Academy- 20-ty Anniversary (Certificate);

Author of scientific publications:
• Monographies, Books, Guides and Manuals (42), 2 Bachelor degree programs for Wellness management Staff, 2 Master degree programs for SPA & Thalasso management Staff, Doctoral degree program “Wellness – Health promotion”;
• 111 International Conferences, 130 scientific Publications, 16 Educational programs for different levels of study, in French, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian on Wellness for All, Sport Animation, Aqua practices, 3 national and international educational strategies, Wellness & Aging & Gender concepts and policies.
• Scientific Advisory of 42 theses for “Bachelor degree”, 31 for “Master degree” some of them with important social impact for public health prevention; 5 theses for “Doctoral degree”; Post-graduate education (Seminars and workshops) for Greek students (all of them students at the National Sport Academy in Sofia).